Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The origins of black people.. MOORS...muslims

When I first began this topic, I had a whole different approach in delivering my message....
so I began my search via Google and the results disgusted me!
So I typed in, "where did black people orginate"...

So after going through articles from the top results, I switched views to images...

By the way, even though I don't buy into the whole #blackfriday bs.. one would hope after a little search on the referenced images would trigger a response... #boycott #riptoblackfriday 

I now feel its my obligation to shead a little light on some real truths, historians seek to erase.... My thoughts... PRESS PLAY BELOW!!

Now for the Christians...
You must affirm that Jesus was born in Bethlehem..
Where is Bethlehem??
Fight the notion all you want, but we all originate from AFRICA!! On the same token, every race can be scientifically linked to the "black race". Feel free to search that topic in its own..

Moving along...
After viewing this powerful video you will learn valuable keypoints, in which I encourage you to search on your own, on the truth about "black people".

Unless you're from another country, you can say that as a person of color it is systematically imprinted in your brain that your origins stemmed from slavery..
this is complete Bullwash!!

Slavery can be first noted for profits in the 16th century..
Does that mean there where no "black people" before then??
Absolutely NOT!! 

You may wonder, why would someone do this to their own people... This is because though there are BLACK/DARK SKINNED does not mean they are one.
As previously mentioned, we all share similar genetics. Even most religion will reference that we all stem from Adam and Eve.. So who even made up this thing called race?? According to quick searches, race was established in order to "distinguish physical characteristics" (yet genereally race has been subdivided into three categories: black, yellow, white. Notice BLACK is the only considered a race).
NOTE: WELL BEFORE THE 16TH CENTURY. #valerianusaugustus 193-260 (Roman Emperor)


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Man shot, killed by MPD..

MEMPHIS, TN - March 24, 2016
Memphis Police Department arrived at Allen's home after his family made multiple 911 calls, claiming he was having a mental episode and hallucinating.

Officers said Allen did not respond to commands the tried to give him. They said he refused to calm down...

Note: MPD responded to a mental distress call, yet made a point to mention Allen was unresponsive.. which would further demonstrate there was some mental instability issues going on..There was no mention of any psychological backup of any sort being called; however, MPD has been recognized nationally for their Crisis Intervention Training. PBS Newshour featured officers trained in dealing with people who have mental illness.

Of course the stories from the police officers and the witnesses vary, but it's no surprise who's story was accredited... and it wasn't the witnesses...
(although it's perfectly fine to incarcerate people soley on witness testimony, if it contradicts officials, it's discredited).

According to the officers, Allen pointed the gun at them provoking the shooting and his murder...

According to the witnesses, Allen and his fiancee' struggled over the gun, and Allen was shot multiple times in the back.

How can one be shot in the BACK if he is pointing a gun at the responding officer??

Since this story first broke, there has been no further media coverage. The department never said how many shots were fired or where the bullets hit Allen.

In contrast to the fatality from the Black Community, earlier in the month in Midtown, police safely disable and take another man into custody who had a gun and was involved in an hour-long standoff with police while having a mental episode..

Our lesson learned... If ever there is a family dispute amongst Black people....

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Black Lives Matter Protest Shuts Down I-40... Memphis, TN

They ask... what good will protesting do? Well.. SOMETHING is better than NOTHING and 9 times out of 10, if this is your question, you are with the group doing NOTHING!! Support those fighting for YOUR EQUALITY!!! Offer your suggestions... but DO NOT stand around idle, and COMPAIN JUST BECAUSE YOU, UNLIKE US, ARE COMPLACENT.

#blacklivesmatter #ourlivesmatters #memphistn #tennessee #wewantjustice #stopshootingus #dontshoot #equalityforall

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Racist snapchat leads to suspension of 2 MPD officers

The post above brought out anger from Interim MPD Director Mike Rallings. It was posted the same night as the fatal shootings in Dallas, and it came days after two people died at the hands of law enforcement.
The Snapchat photo shows an officer aiming his gun at a carton figure who is running.

View the video: Click Here

Friday, July 8, 2016

Tennessee Highway Gunman

Just before the Dallas massacre, in Bristol, Tennessee....

TBI: Highway gunman, Lakeem Keon Scott was motivated by police shootings
One woman died and three others, including one police officer, were injured in the rampage. TBI said a preliminary investigation revealed that Lakeem Keon Scott, 37, who is black, was troubled by several incidents across the United States.

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